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$27 CAD

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Follow Lucas and Liam’s coding adventure as they make a new friend! Lucas and Liam have been assigned a coding project by their teacher. At first they are more excited about working in the hallway than doing the project, until they meet Lily, a girl who has autism. The boys learn that not everyone communicates in the same way, but with the hallway coding activity, making friends is easy and fun!
(a portion of all book sales goes  to support:

*$14.99 + shipping
*(bulk pricing available for educators)

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It’s time to rethink your personal care products. Standing Stone Wellness is your premier source for natural bath and body products. We are dedicated to providing luxurious, all natural, clean beauty products, free of the toxic ten ingredients regularly found in body products and cosmetics. 


Creamsicle Body Butter
$15 CAD + shipping

Frankincense Facial Moisturizer
$15 CAD + shipping

Nearly Naked Goat Milk Bar Soap
$8.50 CAD + shipping

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