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What sets MyWellness™ apart

Our boutique wellness solutions differ from traditional EAP programs because we focus on whole wellness - mind, body and spirit.

ALL of our offerings are online so your team members don't have to leave the workplace

We configure your MyWellness™ portal specific to your businesses specific wellness needs.

The MyWellness™ portal includes access to virtual workshops and programs that support women, men and children's wellness.

We are also able assist with on site wellness events and off site retreats to boost your wellness initiatives.

People First

  • Our care team ensures we deliver solutions to your employees based on your specific needs


  • Our intake and access to services often happens within 24 hours

Easily Accessible

  • Our systems are easy to navigate with a couple of clicks in the MyWellness™ portal


  • Because our team is comprised of collaborators, we have access to a wide range of coaches and service providers

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