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Image by Laura Skinner
Aligned From Within Laurel Crossley
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Aligned From Within©
January 2024

Propogating Prosperity©Laurel Crossley
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Propogating Prosperity©
January 2024

Just Trust ©Laurel Crossley
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Just Trust!©
January 2024


Image by Veronika Bykovich
Loving Light 2Laurel Crossley
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Loving Light©
February 2024


Image by Brigitte Tohm

“I’ve been listening to Laurel’s “Propagating Prosperity” meditation and repeating the affirmations to myself daily for the last week and I can already feel a shift in my energy and how I am experiencing my days. It’s amazing! The affirmations remind me that I am worthy and deserving of my goals and dreams. I even got an interview for a new job that I am so excited about! Yes! Universe, more please!”

— Stephanie, 2024

“Coming Soon!.”

— Coming Soon

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